They say to BREATHE!

Breathing is our purest, simplest way of oxygenizing our body. Breathing allows our bodies to function and thrive, providing our bodies the best environment in which to heal! With the rapid pace, complexities and daily stressors of our lives, we forget to breath. Imagine how easy it is to have dis-ease set into our bodies on so many levels.

When the body becomes sick, our bodies’ environment becomes toxic, anaerobic, potential healing is blocked. Oxygenation (ozone) allows the body to remove these impediments…….

Pure oxygen, medical grade ozone, is administered during Ozone Therapy, allowing the body to renew and regenerate at the cellular level.

It has been found and useful in various diseases:

Activates immune system in infectious diseases,

Causes the release of growth factors that stimulate damage joint and degenerative discs to regenerate,

Can reduce and / or eliminate various types of chronic pain,

Published papers have demonstrated its healing effect on many dis-eases / degenerative processes in the body.