Our gut microbiome plays an extremely important role in our whole-body health by helping control digestion, benefiting our immune system and supporting many other aspects of our health.

The bacteria in the microbiome help digest our food, regulate our immune system and protect us against bacteria that cause disease. They also produce vitamins such as Vitamin B12, thiamine, riboflavin, Vitamin K and more.

Why would a 'fecal microbiota transplantation' be of benefit and who would most benefit and need such a procedure? A fecal transplant is a process in which stool from a healthy donor is transferred to the intestines/gastrointestinal tract of a sick recipient's gut. Stool from the donor contains a functioning and healthy community of bacteria that can take up residence in the sick recipient's gut.

A few reasons and conditions where a FMT would benefit:

Sick individuals (dogs, cats, people, etc ) who are lacking bacteria diversity, have bacteria overgrowth of (for example) Clostridium -- causing a sick GUT.

Digestion or skin conditions

-- IBD

-- Chronic diarrhea

-- Atopic dermatitis

-- Allergies in general

-- Immune deficiency (chemotherapy)

-- Viruses (Parvo, FIV, etc.)

Imbalanced gut microbiome for multiple reasons such as chronic (digestive) disorders requiring daily medications (antibiotics, steroids, NSAIDS, etc.)

If your animal friend is dealing with any of the above conditions, we invite you to schedule an evaluation to see if FMT would be an appropriate healing modality for your pet.