For as long as I can remember I have known that the care of animals and people alike was to be my service during this lifetime here on Earth. Thanks to my Mom (God’s gift or surprise to us and also to Mother Earth), I was taught that all animals, both two and four-legged, are to be welcomed, respected, cared for, and loved. I grew up living a life nurtured by natural medicine and with love for all God’s creatures. My love for animals evolved and grew stronger and stronger throughout the course of my life.

After graduating from FSU, I attended UF College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated summa cum laude. While there, I received the honor of being elected into Phi Zeta for academic excellence in the field of Veterinary Medicine. Since graduation, I took on challenging positions in progressive veterinary practices to improve my skills, broaden my knowledge base, and gain the widest range of experiences possible.

In 1996, I began dedicating my spare time to attending various holistic veterinary schools throughout the country while working as a veterinarian. My studies culminated in my certification in veterinary homeopathy, chiropractic, and acupuncture. As of late, I have been exploring and begun teaching energy healing modalities (HT, TT, Quantum H, BT, NAET, etc.). Energy healing methodologies replenish, unblock and link our body's own electromagnetic flow thereby allowing for the power of SELF healing to take place.

I was able to realize the creation of making my life-long dream a reality when I opened Healing Heart in 2000. I began practicing integrative medicine of both natural/alternative and modern/conventional medicines. The combination of alternative methodologies and conventional medicine opened a plethora of new tools to approach the concerns and ills of my patients and their people. I now had and continue to have new and exciting hopes and new alternatives for those “last resort” cases. Prevention rather than treatment was and is my mission statement.

Healing Heart Grounds, an expansion of my dream, opened in 2015 caring for both animals and people on our journeys to both health and wellness. I look forward to sharing our brilliant Heart Healing Grounds together!

With gratitude and blessings,
Nancy Keller, DVM, CVH, CVA, CVC