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We at Healing Heart are excited to share and provide a more holistic, integrative approach to assisting your sweet animal friend to health and balance. As for them, so for you!

Our mission, overall design, and team members have been created with loving hearts. Dr. Keller’s vision for the expansion of Healing Heart was to create an environment of healing, education and wellness. We strive to provide an atmosphere of peace. It is our intention to create a relationship built on confidence and trust as we journey together on your animal friends’ healing path.

Healing Heart, established in 2000 with grand opening of new clinic in September of 2015, is conveniently located just east of I-95. The clinic was built on a beautiful property and every care and direction were made to preserve the natural surroundings which include, the large, lush trees and growing wisteria vine by Jessie’s Pool, the ultimate dog swimming retreat. These details were not overlooked because we believe that the experience for you and your pet should be a positive and overall peaceful one.

Before your initial visit, please have ready your pet’s medical history including all vaccinations, medical treatments, diagnostics and labwork. Also, please download and complete the forms below and bring them with you, mail or fax them to the office along with any prior medical history.

The doctors’ comprehensive understanding of your pets’ medical, physical and mental history greatly impact our holistic approach to treating your animal friend. With your cooperation in providing your pets’ history, we will best be able to provide the most holistic treatment for your beloved animals.

Patient Intake Form
Pre-Exam Questionnaire

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With gratitude, we look forward to meeting and becoming a part of your healing path.

We now offer and accept Care Credit.