Nutritional Counseling

Healing Heart Veterinary Clinic


“My clients, friends and family have come to know the vital importance of nutrition to me. I am constantly saying, ‘You are what you eat and so are they.’ I strongly believe that a pure nutritious diet and clean water are the essential foundation for optimal healing and wellness.

Poor diet, lacking ‘real’ food, results in profound insidious deficiencies and ‘lacks’ in our bodies, thus promoting unhealthy immune systems and the potential for dis-ease to invade and manifest imbalances in the body.

In formulating your pets’ diet consider the times of feeding, quantities, types and quality of food. Each is an essential part to creating an individualized nutrition plan that is right for your animal. I encourage the owners to pick a quiet diet with single proteins and remind them to visual the ingredients on a plate of their own that they would consider eating. Careful and observant nutritional planning of good pure food and variety will foster a healthy, happy, content animal of good weight and wellbeing.”

Dr. Nancy Keller