The Healing Powers of ‘APIS MELLIFICA’ (Poison of the Honeybee)

Let’s start with a true story about my own little girl named Millie Dog (Smiley Dog)! Adopted from the Veterinary school, six years after graduation. She earned her freedom at the age of eight! Millie was born in Colorado and came ALLERGIC to EVERY aspect of Florida. She taught me — was exemplary — on my path of Holistic medicine. We both agreed, NO more medicine! A miracle!

I was playing with my little girl outside one beautiful morning when she suddenly appeared to be over excited and ran so fast around me. Why so exuberant? I wondered. I ran after her in attempts to hold her and calm her down to no avail! Crash — within moments of time she lay there, gums grew pale and blue, respiratory arrest, my dog was dying! Was she bleeding inside, did she have a heart attack? There it is! I spotted an area on her belly, edematous swelling, hot to the touch and bright red. Slowly hives were spreading over the totality of her body!

I immediately administered APIS to her gums and within the longest five minutes of my life, her vital force reappeared! Within ten minutes she was itching her belly, in miserable pain! I applied ice to her belly spot and within 30 minutes total, she was back to herself, begging for her treats! A bee sting no doubt!

So remember APIS!!! Indicated whenever there is edema, swelling, inflammation or other accumulated of fluid, heat, pain and redness of skin. Allergic reaction! JUST like Millie’s BEE STING!

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