The Healing Power of NUX VOMICA (poison nut)

What we often yearn for is a life of peace, joy and balance. We may already enjoy our home, our personal sanctuary where we rest and restore ourselves…and then BOOM! We brace ourselves to step out our front door each morning and experience the stressors of life: demands brought on by personal goals, work expectations, deadlines, and more. “HURRY” we tell ourselves, “and let’s get there on time!” Although we can be successful at this, the energetic “price” for doing so can (over time) lead to anger, deception, addictions and excesses of all kinds. We find ourselves (or our pets) becoming nervous, impatient, irritable, short-tempered — even to the extent of appearing to have adopted a completely irascible disposition! If this sounds like you or your animal friend, reach for the NUX VOMICA, a homeopathic remedy for all excesses! It is indicated when there are conditions arising from over eating, indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting, straining, being overly medicated and a need for detoxification. Creating once again the balance of peace in our life, and theirs!

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Healing Heart Veterinary Clinic