Synthetic vs. Natural Vitamins

Let’s be healthy! Vitamins are NOT all created equal. Today we are going to reflect on some key differences between synthetic and natural vitamins and the choices we are making for ourselves and our animal friends.

Just how important is it that we – along with our animal friends – take our daily vitamins? Does our food keep us stocked with all the essential nutrients we need to be our ultimately healthy, functioning selves? Do we eat properly — three square meals a day with all the right food groups represented in all the right proportions on each plate of food we consume? We recommend our animal friends ENJOY a hardy breakfast and dinner, possible midafternoon snack and a snack before bed, individually decided!

What, How, When, Where and WHY!

Food today is considerably less nutritious than it has been in previous times because our foods are grown on overused fields which leads to depletion. Crops are grown entrenched with pesticides and fertilizers and are too genetically modified, no longer recognized as true form, by our natural majestic selves!

Preservatives, additives, refined, processed foods allow us to eat what is on our shelves forever more! Chemicals and processing are a sure way to dis-ease. Can our bodies, our natural majestic selves, recognize anything real? As we know, animal bodies are even more pure and natural — Earth animals! Is there viable nutrition in what we are choosing to eat and feed these incredible bodies?

Lastly, are we ENJOYING our food? Do we even recognize when we are truly hungry and when we are not? Are we sitting, ready to enjoy what we are about to eat? Are we in a place of gratitude for the food we are about to eat OR are we busy multitasking, running late, too tired, gulping down our fast foods, grabbing what we can to satisfy our knowing ‘we need to eat’, to just fill our bodies?

Our animals, our healthy animals, will wake us up to tell us they are hungry. Why sleep when there is wonderful yummy food awaiting to fill their bellies. They sit, happy, use to being fed in one solitary place of eating comfort, as we humans prepare to present to them the most nutritious meal of their life! Yes the tail continues to wag! They know hunger, enjoyment of every bite, with one undivided focus! Oh the thrill of eating! Eating the best food we can afford! Brilliant examples for us Humans to follow!

Do we hear, can we feel our bodies suffering the consequences of our daily stressors, our busy lives, our exhaustion? Acid reflux, bloated stomachs, inconsistent bowel movements (and many other symptoms) are then simply handled with anti-acids or other over-the-counter style ‘remedy’!

SO, why vitamins!?! And what is the difference between ‘natural’ and ‘synthetic’?

Again, our bodies (both human and animal) are self-regulating, brilliant machines. Given real foods, essential nutrients and vitamins, we are designed to thrive and ward off dis-ease as the natural beings we are! There are little organic molecules we need, some we CAN, many we can NOT make ourselves. Yes, vitamins are essential!

Natural vitamins are directly derived from plant materials, a ‘complex matrix’ which includes enzymes, other co-factors, combo vitamin complexes, mineral, and much more which our bodies do recognize, can metabolize and immediately utilize for what our body needs to be bright and alive!

Synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements are manufactured synthetically, using chemicals. They are only ‘a part’ of the complex matrix, made to mimic the way natural vitamins act in our natural holistic bodies! The chemical structures of the synthetic vitamins are similar to a PART of the natural vitamin, so it makes sense that in most cases, our bodies do NOT recognize them and are actually considered toxic to the body. They are eliminated with all the other toxic insults we eat, breathe and take in throughout our day!

Synthetic vitamins are manufactured cheaply, but can we justify the cheaper price in dollars against our empty benefits, even toxic effects, from these synthetic supplements? Synthetic vitamins and supplements of any kind do NOT occur in nature!

So let’s choose life, being alive and well, healthy. It’s a privilege to live long and healthy lives, we all so want our animal friends to live close to forever! GOOD, nutritious, real food is a priority as we too strive for JOY and peace in our hearts! Evolution has dictated that we eat the food we can gather from the Earth, not the food, supplements and vitamins we create in the lab!

Learn, take the time to KNOW what is truly natural and what is convincingly yet falsely ‘made’ natural! We are worth the time it takes to understand and learn what the differences are!

To us, to our health! CHEERS!

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