FOOD and Our Animal Friends

We know that love, peace and security are of top priority to live and enjoy!

So let’s talk FOOD!

A quick story to tell. Privileged to be on safari in Africa, I witnessed five young lions, feeding on an apparently freshly killed Giselle. For four days, twice a day, our tour group drove out onto the Serengeti, witnessing an amazing order of feeding priority. First day, a rumble between all five lions — bowels and guts spread from one end of the site to the other. The lions all wanted the grains, the vegetation, the processed B vitamins and flora, etc. contained in the GUT of this Giselle, a ‘herbivore’!!! Second day, there was nothing left inside the entire abdominal cage — the organs and bowels, all devoured!!! Third day, only two lions remained, and I believe the thigh was now priority of the day. Forth day, all but the thigh was left, and the feast of the Lions was over. Lesson learned!!! Carnivores, even ‘our’ domesticated carnivores, need organic whole grains!!!

I question the sudden proclamation (and fad) that our pets, all dogs and cats, no longer need grains. Could this be related to the use of tainted GMO grains, using the NON-human grade grains for our animal foods, thus using what is sure to cause and promote dis-ease? Those ‘real’ Lions I witnessed in Africa fought HARD amongst themselves for what was priority — the guts of the prey! ‘Fresh, untainted, grass-fed digestible grains!’

In addition to HIGH-QUALITY GRAINS, our animal friends benefit from the other food forms listed below.

PROTEINS — ‘Single’ proteins, high-quality, digestible protein of different varieties and sources! Organs, smooth muscle, skeletal muscle and more! Do we even know what a protein ‘meal’ is?

VEGETABLES AND FRUITS — Rich sources of fiber, folate, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron and so much more!

FATS — Good unsaturated fats found in various sources such as seeds, Vegetable oils (olives), nuts and fish, are considered beneficial fats that help improve cholesterol levels, decrease inflammation in our bodies, stabilize heart rhythms, and so much more.

DAIRY — Let’s assume your animal friend is NOT lactose intolerant! Goat milk (goat products) is noted to boost immunities against disease, build bone density (calcium, mineral rich) and protect against allergies and even in some cases improve lactose intolerance, and so much more!

‘YOU ARE what you EAT!’ And so is your animal friend!

Let’s EAT, LOVE and create more PEACE!!! For wellness and happiness!!!

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