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We all enjoy watching our dogs eat with gusto! And it's true -- our bodies, our clarity of mind, our ability to be strong, energetic and healthy, has much to do with what we eat! Fresh food, a variety of foods and what we really ‘enjoy’ eating is essential!

We know that love, peace and security are of top priority to live and enjoy! So let’s talk FOOD! A quick story to tell. Privileged to be on safari in Africa, I witnessed five young lions, feeding on an apparently freshly killed Giselle. For four days, twice a day, our tour

Let's be healthy! Vitamins are NOT all created equal. Today we are going to reflect on some key differences between synthetic and natural vitamins and the choices we are making for ourselves and our animal friends. Just how important is it that we - along with our animal friends

What we often yearn for is a life of peace, joy and balance. We may already enjoy our home, our personal sanctuary where we rest and restore ourselves...and then BOOM! We brace ourselves to step out our front door each morning and experience the stressors of life: demands brought

My cat Midnight and I spent every waking hour together. I often think we even walked together along many dreams, as we slept side by side. Because Mom was impressed by his gentleman-like manner, the doors to our family home swung wide open to the animal kingdom shortly after his

Whether they are retrieving a ball, doing the doggie paddle, completing laps or splashing around with humans, our canine friends reap tremendous rewards from the exercise, stimulation and exhilaration of swimming play. But what EXACTLY makes swimming so incredibly GOOD for them? 1. EXERCISE WITH MINIMAL DISCOMFORT. The buoyancy of

"You can have him," mom said, "if you can catch him!" Through bushes, bees, in and out of endless fox holes and passages, I went day after day, my time blissfully spent in pursuit of the emaciated, unkempt feral black stray cat, that my mom finally agreed to let

The homeopathic remedy called ARNICA MONTANA use to be referred to as the 'patron saint of muscles and bruises.' It contains substance (sesquiterpene lactones) that influences many inflammatory pathways in the body! It is the MOST important remedy in contusions, muscle strains, blows/bruises, swellings, inflammation, congestion and many other