Can He Come Home With Me Now? Part 3 of Dr. Keller’s Journey


My time was spent saving the bugs and frogs from drowning in the pool, fixing injured birds, providing home burials for all the poor angel animals I found that had died along my bike path. Also, my siblings gifted me with the job of taking care of the animal menagerie we housed and loved at home! I got to take care them all! Big responsibility! My love for animals was my purpose! I am an animal doctor! I so loved my best friend Midnight, and he so loved me!

Bothered by this ‘obsession,’ my brother decided I needed to grow up more well rounded. I became his massage therapist, part of his baseball team, his maid, car washer and most of all, his little sis that loved him! For Christmas, he gifted me with my second cat, a tiny kitten he kept hidden in his motor scooter pocket! Midnight loved Boots right away. Rambunctious and crazy little Boots. Eventually he learned respect and manners from his mentor.

I remember the day I came home from school and the doorway was empty! I knew just where Midnight would be waiting — on my bed. When I got there his eyes meet mine, and I saw he was unable to move! Boots was under my bed hiding. In an instant we all took Midnight to the doctor’s office. Mom assured me he was a good doctor and that he would help my best friend. I prayed and everyone prayed with me. The ‘kind’ doctor “borrowed” Midnight for a while and assured us upon his return that Midnight did not suffer! I had so many questions racing in my young mind. Did he want Midnight for his house? Did he die? Can he come home with me now?

As a child, I mourned my best friend. I prayed Midnight would find his way back to me. Maybe that man took him home! My heart shut down. Mom said nothing I could hear. Midnight had a bad sickness, so he was put to sleep so he would not suffer! Good byes!

I remembered our first day together. In all the years we interacted with each other, I knew what Midnight and I shared would last forever. No one could ever separate our energies, our love was infinite and divine.

In time, Mom asked me to sit and quite my mind like we did in prayer. “Can you feel Midnight, can you see him happy?” she asked. When I did this he GLOWED, and I felt him. He was not alone and I was not alone. “He is in a different form, right MOM?” I asked. My mom hugged me and assured me we all leave our physical forms when God asks us to come home with Him, that our friendship and the love gained is ever lasting.

How I missed his whiskers on my face and our play times. Yet I knew God was going to take good care of him. Thank you God! I’ll see you too one day! I let Midnight go and reminded God how special Midnight is! Boots now needed me more than ever and oh how I NEEDED HIM.

THIS circle of infinity Love continues beyond our awareness and as each animal is introduced into our hearts, our animal friends in Heaven smile. I know that every single time an animal comes into my life, Midnight smiles. I know they came because I am special!

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