Who am I? (Part 2 of Dr. Keller’s Journey)


My cat Midnight and I spent every waking hour together. I often think we even walked together along many dreams, as we slept side by side.

Because Mom was impressed by his gentleman-like manner, the doors to our family home swung wide open to the animal kingdom shortly after his arrival. We took in many a stray — cats, dogs, fish, birds — you name it! After Midnight, mom never said NO and me and my siblings were delighted! Midnight opened my heart. He was my first animal friend and he has never left me since.

My Mom was always so aware and diligent about each one of her “chicklets” as she use to call us kids. I was withdrawn and oh so shy. My relationship with my Midnight changed me! Unconditional love I suspect! I was his special friend. Oh how happy I was to get home after school, quickly finish homework and then be off to play with my best friend Midnight!

It took me years to understand Mom ’s endearing appreciation and admiration for my sweet friend Midnight, and to understand his love. It filled me with confidence, an inner strength that no one else was able to instill in my character, in my heart!

Who am I? I am Midnight’s best friend in the world. So yes, I must be special! As I began to grow, I clearly could hear Midnight. Listening to and following my heart ensued. I must be an animal doctor when I grow up, and only that. I remember Mom being so pleased. She was not surprised!